February 19, 2016

I woke up this morning around 05:30 and by 06:00 I was out the door, getting ready to bike home. Unfortunately, somebody else made the decision that they needed the lights on my bike more than I do, so I’ll be without a bike light for at least a few days. Not super great, but worse things have happened to better people.

I ended up drinking a bunch of coffee, going climbing, getting groceries, chugging soylent, grabbing a beer with Sam, and hanging out with Vlad and Victoria for the rest of the night. I totally spaced asking Sam what he thought about this project though, I wanted to talk to him about that.

I probably could’ve cleaned my apartment, but it really wasn’t a total mess. I ran out of trash bags though, so that’s something that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Source code available upon HTTP request.